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Rauner Finally Comes Out of Hiding to “Fight” for His Failing Reelection Effort

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One Month After Announcing for Reelection, Will Rauner Finally Face Voters’ Questions about Job Performance?

One month after announcing his reelection, and two months after signing HB40, Bruce Rauner finally comes out of hiding to actually campaign for reelection. Today, Rauner launches his “Our Home, Our Fight” tour with visits to Decatur and Champaign, two cities hit hard by the state’s budget impasse. So far Rauner’s “fighting” has been relegated to campaign ads and desperately staving off disaster during the veto session, but today he’s set to get out there and press some flesh.

Rauner’s been hiding for good reason. With Rauner’s approval rating at 34%, voters clearly have lots of questions they want to ask the failed Governor, like:

  • Why did Rauner fight against finding compromise, instead of forcing Illinois through a two-year budget impasse? 
  • Why job growth has slowed at home under his watch? “Our home” was the third worst at creating jobs over the past year. 
  • Does Rauner regret that his fights pushed the state further into debt and forced its credit rating fall to the lowest rating ever for a U.S. state?
  • When he’s not trashing the state at home, why does Rauner thinks he can brag about the state’s higher education system while the budget impasse decimated Illinois colleges and universities?
  • Why has Rauner been fighting for himself, and not Illinois?

As the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent, Rauner’s got a lot of fighting to do to win back voters’ trust.

“Governor Rauner should call this the Our Home, No Fight tour – because he refuses to fight for Illinois’ economy and families,” DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “The only thing Governor Rauner will fight for is his own political career, and it shows. Under Rauner’s failed record, jobs and people are still moving out, debt is up, and services are decimated. No wonder he’s been avoiding voters.”