Rauner Failing to Protect Illinois from Donald Trump’s Backwards Environmental Policies

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Rauner Refuses to Join Bipartisan Group of Governors Committing States to Paris Climate Goals

Today, while Governor Bruce Rauner celebrates passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act, voters won’t hear Rauner talk about how President Trump’s backwards environmental policies will hurt Illinois. Earlier this year, Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement and pulled back President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and Rauner has been silent.

Rauner has been called on numerous times to either repudiate Trump’s actions or sign Illinois onto a growing movement to adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement. So far, a group of 15 bipartisan governors have committed their states to the goals. WTTW reported that Rauner has repeatedly ignored state lawmakers and activists calls for Rauner to commit Illinois. In June, Rauner was asked directly by a voter to keep Illinois in the pact. He dodged. Groups like Sierra Club Illinois have noticed how Rauner was “silent when the President decided to pull out of Paris” and “on whether Illinois would take the lead on climate change anyway.”

And while Rauner touts his energy record, he doesn’t often mention how his administration is trying to roll back regulations on coal-powered plants. Curious.

“Once again, Bruce Rauner refuses to stand up to President Trump whose policies are moving Illinois backwards,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Under Rauner’s failed leadership, Illinois is missing an opportunity to grow clean energy jobs and ensure clean water and air for children. Instead of fighting to protect Illinois families from Trump’s backwards policies, Rauner has shown he is more worried about his own stalled reelection bid.”