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Rauner Dismissed Ives as “Fringe” – Now He’s Battling for His Political Career

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Today’s election day in Illinois, and Governor Bruce Rauner is in full-on panic mode. He hit two radio shows to warn the election was “closer than anybody thought.”
Especially him. Back in December, Rauner dismissed state Representative Jeanne Ives’ campaign as all part of the “process” – “You get some fringe elements or whatever coming in.”
Rauner eventually turned his fire on Ives, but always kept one eye on the general. In early March, Rauner’s campaign launched a new ad against one of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates. And just a week ago, Rauner declared that he was “100%” focused on defeating Democrats. It was not until a few days ago that Rauner devoted his advertising to just Ives.
From “fringe” to “closer than anybody thought” – how did Rauner let it get to this?