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Rauner Declines to Hold Trump Accountable on Health Care

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Rauner’s Continues to do Nothing While Trump Administration Sabotages Families’ Health Care

Since entering office, President Trump has actively worked to undermine the Affordable Care Act, leading to uncertainty in the markets and causing premiums to rise. This past Wednesday on WGN radio, Governor Bruce Rauner was asked if he blamed the Trump administration for the uncertainty around the health care bill. He passed, and in his tradition, looked to blame the predecessor (audio available here):

Reporter: Governor can I ask you … about health care as well? We’ve seen the headlines lately, about how Obamacare rates in Illinois, the premiums could rise again, the rates could rise again (Rauner: Yes. It’s terrible). They’re pretty tough headlines to look at if you’re relying on that system, but it affects the rest of the system. Federal money coming our way, uncertainty abounds. Do you blame the President for creating that, where do you place blame…
Rauner: Blame which president?
Reporter: President Trump for potentially creating uncertainty in the markets…
Rauner: Look at those insurance rates for the last year, the insurance market under the Affordable Care Act has been breaking down, insurers have been leaving, and the rates have been going through the roof every year. 
Reporter: So more importantly, what can you tell the people of Illinois about what to expect?
Rauner: Well what I’ve encouraged…this is a federal issue this is not a state issue. And I’ve encouraged members of congress and this administration please come together to work out what you can. Clearly those exchanges that many people rely on, people I know, personal friends are on those exchanges and they are getting hammered. And it’s not been just this year, this has been going on for four or five years now.

It’s no secret that Governor Bruce Rauner sat out the debate on health care. Rauner could have played a crucial role in the debate, like his Republican peers in other states, but declined to expose himself politically. Had Trumpcare passed (and it may still), the results would have been disastrous for Illinois families.
Sadly, it appears that Rauner is gearing up to sit out another fight.
“Bruce Rauner will not stand up to Donald Trump, and fight for the people of Illinois,”said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “For months, Bruce Rauner did nothing to stop congressional Republicans from passing Trumpcare, which would have cause premiums to skyrocket and punched a $40 billion hole in the state budget. Now the Trump administration is actively trying to sabotage health insurance markets, a cynical move that will only hurt middle-class families, and Rauner would play politics than hold President Trump accountable for his actions.  Bruce Rauner’s failure to lead on health care is enabling President Trump and hurting Illinois families.”