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Rauner Continues to Duck the Fights on Health Care

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Rauner Absent from Group of 10 Rep. and Dem. Governors Calling on Congress to Pass Murray-Alexander Bipartisan Agreement in the Senate

Last night a group of 10 bipartisan governors released a letter calling on Congress “to stabilize our private health insurance markets” and – surprise, surprise – Governor Bruce Rauner was not among the governors listed. The letter calls on Congress to pass the Murray-Alexander bipartisan agreement, which continues to fund subsidies for health coverage and stabilize individual markets. So far, Rauner has been silent on President Trump’s decision to end the subsidies.  

In fact, Rauner has ducked the entire health care debate despite the disastrous effects President Trump’s plans would have on Illinois families and on the state. Rauner would not blame President Trump for the instability in the individual marketplace.  Rauner sat around when Congressional Republicans pushed a plan that would have ended subsidies and slashed Medicaid funding under Graham-Cassidy. Rauner would not fight President Trump’s repeated efforts to end the Affordable Care Act

On the big fights, Rauner simply isn’t there for Illinois. 

“Bruce Rauner is once again absent when Illinois families need him to fight for them,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Bruce Rauner was willing to let President Trump end the Affordable Care Act because it would have inconvenienced him politically. Rauner’s refusal to protect Illinois families is a failure of leadership.”