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Rauner Continues “Pass the Buck” Campaign One Week After State’s Credit Rating Hits Lowest Ever

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Today Governor Rauner continued his campaign of blaming others for his own failures, but he cannot escape the facts. As Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner’s policies have taken Illinois backwards:

  • Under Rauner, the state has suffered eight credit downgrades, and now has the lowest ever recorded credit rating for a U.S. state.
  • Under Rauner, the state’s late bills have tripled to more than $14.5 billion, costing the state hundreds of millions in interest costs.
  • Under Rauner, Illinois had the ninth worst job creation rate over the previous year as the state keeps losing jobs and people to other states.

It’s time for Governor Bruce Rauner to take responsibility for today’s economy, and stop passing the buck of blame. 

“Governor Rauner should acknowledge the damage his administration has done to the state’s workforce,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Governor Rauner has stubbornly failed to pass a budget, and the consequences have only been detrimental for working people. Illinois public schools are owed hundreds of millions, the state’s higher education has seen drastic cuts, and our social safety net is hemorrhaging jobs and service programs. And Illinois families are only getting a higher debt load from Governor Rauner’s policies.”