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Rauner Coming Unglued Three Months Out

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Down in the polls and with time running out, Governor Bruce Rauner’s desperate reelection campaign took a bizarre turn yesterday as the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent made a series of strange and outlandish remarks on the trail. At one point, Rauner channeled President Donald Trump by announcing a $1 million donation to his hand-picked Attorney General candidate, then calling on her to prosecute his main political rival.

  • Attacked Opponent for Supporting Obama and Clinton…In Illinois: Bruce Rauner’s new attack line? “He supported Obama and Clinton…” and their environmental policies. The least amount either candidate won Illinois by was 17 points. (Capitol Fax)
  • Gave AG Candidate $1M, Then Said She Would Prosecute His Political Rival: Rauner announced he was giving Republican AG Candidate Erika Harold $1 million dollars, then said she “will prosecute” his political rival. Rauner later couldn’t say what crime his rival committed. (State Journal-Register)
  • Blamed a Nazi and Conspiracy Theorist GOP Congressional Candidates on Democrats: WJBC reported, “Holocaust denier Art Jones and 9/11 and Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Bill Fawell are Republican challengers to Democratic incumbents in Congress. The governor says you have Democrats to thank for that.” Rauner blamed redistricting even though both he and Trump won one district and Rauner ran competitively in the other. (WJBC)

“Bruce Rauner’s campaign is coming unglued three months out as the vulnerable incumbent struggles to answer for his three years of failure,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s latest campaign tactics – channeling Donald Trump and attacking President Obama – show just how desperate his campaign has become.”