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Rauner Cannot Be Trusted to Protect Illinoisans from President Trump

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Another Trumpcare Attempt Fails as Rauner Sits Quietly in the Corner

This afternoon, Senate Republicans announced they would not vote for Graham-Cassidy, ending the latest attempt to pass Trumpcare. They also said they would look for opportunities to bring it up down the line. And if that happens, Illinois voters can be assured that Governor Bruce Rauner will not be there to protect them.
Rauner did nothing to protect Illinois residents from any of the terrible Trumpcare attempts. Rauner did not stand up for Illinois’ immigrants when Trump said he would end DACA or when he threatened to revoke Chicago’s federal funding. Rauner did not stand with other governors to fight Trump’s plan to withdrawal the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Rauner has said disturbingly little about the constant reprehensible rhetoric coming from the Trump White House. Even President Trump’s own mega-donors are standing up to his rhetoric, but not Rauner.
Simply put, Bruce Rauner has not stood up to President Trump. And he never will.
“For eight months, Bruce Rauner sat silently in the corner as President Donald Trump pushed his terrible health care plans on Illinois,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s actions show he is much more interested in his political future than fighting for Illinois families. When they needed him most, Rauner failed to show up. Voters cannot trust Rauner to stand up for them when President Donald Trump comes up with his next bad idea.”