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Rauner Campaigns in Metro East, Blows Cover on Lame Excuse for Dodging Trump

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Rauner Claimed He Couldn’t Attend Trump’s Metro East Rally Because He Had Just Been in Area Days Before

Today, Governor Bruce Rauner campaigns in Metro East with state legislative candidates including former state Representative Dwight Kay, who once opposed expanding birth control options because insurance companies shouldn’t pay for “promiscuity.”
But, wait! Didn’t Rauner say that he couldn’t attend President Donald Trump’s recent rally in Metro East because he was “just in Granite City just in the past week”?  Well, it seems that twice in three weeks is fine, but twice in two weeks is just ridiculous!
Rauner, who had spent weeks praising Trump’s policies and embracing the White House, tried every trick he could to avoid Trump’s visit. He was caught scheduling last-minute events to appear busy, and even ran away from reporters who wanted to know why he wasn’t with Trump.
“Bruce Rauner ducked for cover when Donald Trump came to town and now he’s been caught red-handed with lame excuses for refusing to stand with Trump,” said Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “If Rauner was afraid to share a stage with Trump, then why does he support his agenda and openly embrace the White House? Does Rauner really believe voters will forget how he’s failed to stand up to Trump’s harmful policies for two years if he ducks him in public?”