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Rauner Calls for Trump’s Policies to be Replicated in Illinois

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Rauner: “This Is the Greatest Place on Earth, Illinois, and We’re Going to Make It Great Again”

How’s this for a lede in Illinois?
“Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner praised President Donald Trump’s economic and trade policies at an agricultural candidate forum Wednesday and said they should be replicated in Illinois.”
In a state that President Donald Trump lost by 17 points, Governor Bruce Rauner has been aligning himself with the White House’s agenda and praising the President, even though he still won’t say his name or say if he voted for him. Rauner even said he wanted to do in Illinois what Trump was doing nationwide:
“The U.S. economy is strong. Illinois is doing fairly well because the federal government — the White House and Congress — has cut the tax burden, cut the red tape on businesses, fought unfair trade deals, fought against illegal immigration, and we’re strong and we’re getting stronger. We need to do that exact same thing for the state of Illinois.”
Rauner’s summer theme has been to move from silently supporting Trump’s agenda to public praise. Rauner introduced Vice President Mike Pence last month in a “strong public embrace” of the administration and flew to Washington D.C. to appear with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.
And, as NBC5 Chicago reported, Rauner “even incorporated a familiar phrase” at the forum – “This is the greatest place on earth, Illinois, and we’re going to make it great again.”
“With no accomplishments of his own, Bruce Rauner has decided to run on Donald Trump’s record instead,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership already saddled families with higher debt and a lagging economy – now he wants to bring Trump’s dangerous and divisive policies to Illinois.”