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Rauner Breaks Silence on Trumpcare to Falsely Claim How Public He’s Been on Trumpcare

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Rauner Has Stayed Silent for Months as Republicans Worked to Drive-Up Health Care Costs and Strip Away Protections

 While signing Charlie’s law today, Bruce Rauner was asked about his near complete silence on Republican efforts to pass Trumpcare. In response, Rauner claimed he spoke up about Medicaid provisions – “These changes can be very damaging and I’ve said it publicly, and I’ve expressed those concerns to Members of Congress, as well as to the Administration. 

To which there is only one proper follow-up – seriously

Faced with the politically inconvenient prospect of speaking out forcefully about legislation coming from his own party, Bruce Rauner has literally hid from reporters’ questions on Trumpcare. Here’s a smattering of newspaper clips since the last time Rauner spoke about the efforts:

Crain’s Chicago Headline: “We Deserve To Know What Rauner’s Doing On AHCA.”

Crain’s Chicago’s Greg Hinz: “I’ve now tried for a good two months to get the Rauner folks to detail the economic impact to the budget of what’s being discussed. No answer. I’ve asked them if, like Walker, he’s open to some of those waivers on pre-existing conditions and other matters. No answer. I’ve asked them what the governor wants and doesn’t want in the legislation. No answer.”

Chicago Sun-Times: “The Senate bill is as mean-spirited as the House bill. Illinois would get hammered even harder. And Gov. Bruce Rauner is still AWOL.”

Chicago Sun-Time’s Lynn Sweet: “People should know: What are Rauner’s guiding health care insurance principles?”

The LAST time Rauner spoke on Trumpcare, he mentioned that he would work with Governors while the bill moved into the Senate. Well, in the past few months, two letters from a bipartisan group of Governors were made public expressing their opposition the Senate’s actions on health care. Rauner’s name was not on those letters. And four letters were sent by Illinois’ Senators asking for guidance from Rauner. He responded to none.

And Rauner has not answered the easiest question of all – “Do you support the measure?”

“Bruce Rauner has totally and completely abdicated his responsibilities to the residents of Illinois by hiding during the Trumpcare debate,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “While governors from both parties have spoken out against Trumpcare, Rauner’s been silent the whole time. Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership is putting the health and prosperity of middle-class families at risk to avoid taking a politically difficult position.”





Transcript from today’s event – the question occurred around 19:30. Link.

Question: Governor, this is a health care event, and in recent days we’ve had urgings from the Democratic U.S. Senators for you to speak out on the health care bill in the Senate. And they said they want you to say something and that you haven’t.”

Rauner: Boy, Craig, you know my comments. I’ve expressed my concern about the changes being proposed to the Affordable Care Act and their negative impact on our most vulnerable residents both in the expanded Medicaid population in Illinois, which I think is about 650,000, as well as the many hundreds of thousands in the standard Medicaid program. I’m very concerned about it and I’ve expressed it. These changes can be very damaging and I’ve said it publicly, and I’ve expressed those concerns to members of Congress, as well as to the administration.