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Rauner Asked if He Was Getting Ives Endorsement… 93 Days after Primary

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Rauner Also Reached Out to Mega-Donor Dick Uihlein, Who Infamously Backed Roy Moore’s Campaign

Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner appeared on WJBC and was asked, “How important would an endorsement from Jeanne Ives be for you?” That’s right. It’s been more than three months since the primary, and just when candidates want to turn their attention to the general election, Rauner is still dealing with his fractured party.
On WJBC, Rauner once again claimed he’s “reached out” to Ives, something he’s said before that was found not to be true. Who else is Rauner calling to reunite the party? None other than Rauner’s previous headache and Roy Moore’s biggest backer, Dick Uihlein.
“It seems that time doesn’t heal all wounds as Bruce Rauner has failed to put his party back together after three months,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “It’s clear Jeanne Ives and her supporters have not forgiven Rauner for his lies and failures.”


Background: Rauner on WJBC (Listen Here)
Host: “Jeanne Ives – the battle that you two had kind of fractured the party a bit. Are you seeing some healing? Oh, forget that, cause we’re running out of time. How important would an endorsement from Jeanne Ives be for you?”
Rauner: “Well we want support from everyone. And we need all the Republicans to come together. We need Independents to come with us. We need Democrats to come with us. We want everyone to come together. And I’ve reached out to everybody in the state, including Representative Ives. I’ve reached out to Dick Uihlein, who used to be a big funder of mine and a supporter of Jeanne. I’m reaching out to everyone.”