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Rauner Again Stands in the Way of Gun Safety Legislation with Cynical Amendatory Veto

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Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner stood in the way of advancing a gun safety bill for the second time this year. Rauner issued an Amendatory Veto of a bill imposing a 72-hour waiting period for purchasing assault weapons and added in enough controversial provisions that the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board wrote he “did [his] best to kill the bill.” The paper continued:

“But in your amendatory veto on Monday, you loaded up the bill with so many major new provisions that there is no way the Legislature will give it their seal of approval. And you knew that. That was the game.”

Even the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board called Rauner’s moved “cynical.”
Earlier this year, and just days before a Republican primary that Rauner barely survived, the Governor vetoed a bill designed to cut down on gun trafficking. Rauner promised actions and convened working groups, but many of their suggestions were included in his “cynical” amendatory veto that had little chance of passage.
“Once again, Bruce Rauner proved he’s more focused on protecting himself than Illinois families and children,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s cynical vetoes of gun safety measures are a cowardly way to avoid taking a stand and showing leadership on issues important to Illinois voters.”