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Rauner Again Ranked in Top 5 of Gov Races Most Likely to Flip Parties

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Washington Post Ranking Confirms That After Three Years of Failed Leadership, Rauner Has Steep Hill to Climb

Today, Governor Bruce Rauner finds himself at the top of another list showcasing his vulnerability. The Washington Post’s The Fix ranked Illinois as the fourth most likely governorship to flip parties and ranked Rauner as the most vulnerable GOP incumbent. Three years into his term, Rauner is hampered with an approval rating comparable to President Trump’s and must chart his reelection in what The Fix calls the “bluest” in the Midwest. 

This is the second time this week that Rauner tops the endangered list after Politico ranked the Illinois gubernatorial race as the most likely to change parties. Last year, two different analyses called the race “Tilting” or “Leaning” Democratic. And National Journal’s Hotline ranked the Illinois governor race the fifth most likely to flip parties.

At least he’s consistent. 

“Three years of failed leadership has really solidified Bruce Rauner’s ranking as the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation,” DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner keeps running the same playbook, blaming others and dodging responsibility, and expecting a different result. Rauner’s failure to show meaningful leadership in times of need is exactly why he is so uniquely unpopular with voters.”