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Rauner Admits GOP Tax Plan Hurts Middle-Class but Still Encourages Washington Republicans Forward

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Rauner Campaign onto Their Third Explanation of His Stance

While speaking with reporters yesterday, Bruce Rauner came up with his third different answer to queries if he supports the proposed GOP tax changes in Washington. Independent analysts have shown the plan would raise costs and taxes on many middle-class families while the wealthiest would get a tax cut. On Wednesday, Rauner told a Southern Illinois radio station that he “applauded” Republicans’ efforts and said, “I hope they come through.” By that afternoon, his staff claimed Rauner had merely expressing “general” support. 

On to Rauner’s newest answer to a simple question:

Rauner: “And I’m applauding them for trying and for keep trying. Whatever passes in one house or the other, it’s a long way from done. And I encourage them to keep trying. Here’s what the goal should be – every effort in tax reform should focus on one thing – increasing the net take-home pay for middle-class families. That should be the goal of any and every tax reform. Increase the net take-home pay for working-class and middle-class families. That’s it. They’re a long way from that so far, so I don’t applaud the current result, what I applaud is the process. And this is an important distinction that I want you guys to understand.” (crosstalk)

Reporter: In other words, you do agree with so many who have analyzed this, that they really haven’t done a good job yet at looking out for the middle class?

Rauner: They are not where they need to be. They are not there yet.

Reporter: And what do you think it’s going to take for that to occur?

Rauner: Well again, Ed you know, for me, it’s not a good idea – it doesn’t help anybody by trying to negotiate through the media. So, I’m talking to members of the federal administration. I’m encouraging things. We need to increase the net-take-home pay for middle-class families, for working families. Most important thing. So, I’ve encouraged them to focus on the middle-class. I’ve encouraged them to help small-business, particularly. And we’ll see where it goes. It’s a long way from done. And I don’t want too much to get in the middle of it.”

Rauner acknowledges the bill is not helping the middle-class, but he still will not use his position to demand changes and continues to applaud Washington Republicans’ efforts. Got it?

“Bruce Rauner has admitted Donald Trump’s tax plan hurts the middle-class but he still supports it,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner continues to encourage and applaud Washington Republicans’ efforts to pass a tax bill, which currently benefits the wealthiest while raising taxes on middle-class families. It’s time for Rauner to take a stand and protect the people of Illinois, otherwise he’s culpable for the passage of the bill.”