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Rauner Administration Still Won’t Admit What Went Wrong with Quincy Response

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Over the weekend, Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration released a new report which “push[es] back forcefully” against “misconceptions” about their response to Legionnaires’ outbreaks at the state-run Quincy Veterans’ Home. The report falls right in line with Rauner’s attitude that they “would not do anything different” in the aftermath of 13 deaths and years of continued outbreaks.
Rauner’s week-long stay following the release of a WBEZ investigative report was spun as “gain[ing] a more thorough understanding” about the home and his administration quietly appointed an official to oversee the response three years after the first outbreak. His team has attacked reporters’ integrity, accused workers at the home of lyinghampered a legislative inquiry, and over-redacted emails to lawmakers. Even now, his administration began blaming prior administrations for the conditions at Quincy.
“Bruce Rauner is simply unable to admit failure or take responsibility for any mismanagement under his utter lack of leadership,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “13 people died due to three years of Legionnaires’ outbreaks at a state-run facility and Bruce Rauner is still more concerned with spinning the news than finding solutions.”