RATINGS CHANGE: Inside Elections Shifts 4 Pick-Up Opportunities Towards Democrats

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Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas Now Rated More Likely to Flip 

Generational Election to Determine Future of Congressional Maps

Today, Inside Elections shifted their ratings towards the Democrats for four key pickup opportunities: Florida, Iowa, Georgia, and Kansas. Here’s how their changes break down:

    Florida: Toss-up -> Tilt-D
Iowa: Tilt-R -> Toss-up
Georgia: Lean R -> Tilt-R
Kansas: Lean R -> Tilt-R

The new ratings highlight Democrats on the offense in 2018 governors’ races. With these rating changes at Inside Elections, Republicans are defending 11 states ranked Tilt Republican or worse. Democrats are defending 0 states ranked Tilt Democratic or worse. Read the full listing here.