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Rating Change: RGA Recruiting Failure Moves PA into “Likely Dem”

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Sabato’s Crystal Ball: Wolf in a “Stronger Position” Heading into Reelection

The RGA’s recruiting failure in Pennsylvania looks like it’s costing them.
This week, Sabato’s Crystal Ball announced a change in their race rating from Lean Dem to Likely Dem. In addition to Governor Wolf’s strong fundraising numbers and rising popularity, the analysts cite Republican’s inability to recruit a top candidate:

As for the GOP, Republicans had hoped that a first-tier candidate like Rep. Mike Kelly (R, PA-16) would enter the race to challenge Wolf. However, Kelly opted against a gubernatorial run.

Instead, Republicans are stuck with candidates like Paul Mango and Scott Wagner, who are spending millions attacking each other on TV.
“Because of the RGA’s recruiting failure in Pennsylvania, Republicans are now stuck with a field of B-teamers, and fringe candidates,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Meanwhile, Governor Wolf is fighting every day to shake up Harrisburg and get results for Pennsylvania families. He sits in a great place heading into his reelection campaign, regardless of which B-teamer the Republicans end up nominating.”