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Ralph Breaks the Promises: Rep. Abraham Flips on Commitment to Constituents

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Abraham 3 days ago: ‘My focus right now is on my job’ for next 2 weeks

Abraham today: I’m running for governor

The Democratic Governors Association released the following statement regarding Congressman Ralph Abraham’s announced candidacy in Louisiana’s gubernatorial race:
“Ralph Abraham is a typical politician who can’t even keep his promises for 72 hours,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Just 3 days ago, he promised Louisiana voters that he wouldn’t run for governor while he was working on flood insurance and a farm bill. Now, he’s broken his promise to Louisianans.
“A promise-breaking typical politician like Ralph Abraham belongs in the Washington swamp, not in the governor’s office. How can Abraham serve the people of Louisiana if he’s so willing to abandon his responsibilities to the people of his congressional district?”



  • Dec. 3: Abraham Responded To Kennedy Not Running By Saying “There Are Several Must-Pass Bills Facing Congress In The Next Two Weeks, And My Focus Right Now Is On My Job.” According to The Advocate, “Meanwhile, Abraham, a Republican from Alto, said Monday his final decision will be coming ‘very soon.’ ‘Louisiana needs a strong leader who can take on the challenges we face, and our great state just isn’t getting that with the current governor,’ said Abraham, 64. ‘There are several must-pass bills facing Congress in the next two weeks, and my focus right now is on my job.’” [The Advocate, 12/3/18]            
  • The Only Bills To Pass Congress Between Dec. 3 And Dec. 6 Were Three Bills Related To The Remembrance Services For President George H.W. Bush. [, accessed 12/6/18]
  • Nov. 30: Abraham Said He Wouldn’t Run Until Congress Adjourned, Saying “We Have Two Weeks Left In The Majority And I Hope To Do What I Was Elected To Do Until I Shift To Campaign Mode.”According to the Monroe News Star, “He said it wouldn’t be fair to his current constituents to shift his focus before Congress adjourns. Democrats take over the majority from Republicans in the new Congress that begins next year after winning enough seats in the mid-term elections to flip the House. ‘I want to stress that in the next two weeks while we hold the majority I’m going to be on top of the job I was elected to do,’ Abraham said. ‘We have two weeks left in the majority and I hope to do what I was elected to do until I shift to campaign mode.’”[Monroe News Star, 11/29/18]
  • Congress Isn’t Expected To Adjourn Until December 21. According to the Washington Post, “Congressional leaders and White House officials agreed Monday to extend a government funding deadline by two weeks, until Dec. 21, setting up the possibility of a shutdown showdown just ahead of Christmas.” [Washington Post, 12/3/18]