Radio Silent Richard Runs From Reporters

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Irvin on Day 9 of Dodging Questions

It’s been nine days since he entered the Illinois GOP primary for governor, and Radio Silent Richard Irvin still refuses to answer questions, a new video shows.

Last night, Irvin was caught dodging reporters and eventually running away to avoid saying where he stands. Irvin vaguely said he’ll talk to the press “real soon” before taking off.

Despite not yet meeting with voters, holding a public event, or answering questions from the media since declaring his candidacy, Irvin released his first TV ad yesterday.

The DGA is tracking how long he’s been hiding at this new site.

Irvin’s been avoiding the tough questions that big donor Ken Griffin doesn’t want him to answer — like why he’s voted for Democrats, why he’s supported Gov. JB Pritzker, and whether he would reboot the unpopular policies of Bruce Rauner.

“Radio Silent Richard is hiding from reporters because he can’t answer for the unpopular platform Ken Griffin wants him to run on,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Illinoisans deserve answers — and Irvin won’t be able to hide his record of flip-flopping and out-of-touch policies much longer.”