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Radical Paul LePage's Actions Lead To Miserable Week

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Maine Governor Paul LePage is having one miserable week. First, according to a new account in a tell-all book that he later refused to deny, it’s been exposed that LePage met with Sovereign Citizens, members of an extremist group labeled by the FBI as “domestic terrorists,” at least eight times. The governor then angrily called the Bangor Daily News threatening to sue them, despite documents and recordings that confirm the book’s account. Then, he was forced to clarify his statement that Social Security ‘is welfare, pure and simple’ in a robo-call that exposed his campaign as resorting to desperate damage control.
LePage’s reckless and erratic behavior this week is a reminder to voters of all the embarrassments and extremism of the LePage years. It’s time for Mainers to have a governor who they can be proud of, and that’s what they’ll get in Mike Michaud.
Here’s a sample of the coverage of LePage’s meeting with members of an FBI-designated domestic terrorist movement:
The Daily Beast: “GOP Gov. Met With Domestic Terrorists”
The Bangor Daily News: “Gov. LePage met with, encouraged Sovereign Citizen extremists”
The Huffington Post: “Paul LePage Disputes Claim He Discussed Hanging Democratic Leaders With Extremist Group”
Salon: “Tea Party Gov. Paul LePage held several meetings with FBI-designated terrorist group”
Talking Points Memo: “Why Did Maine’s Governor Conspire With ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Extremists?”
The Portland Press Herald: “Book claims LePage, people with ties to extremist group met eight times”
MPBN News: “Details Emerge in LePage’s Meetings with Group Tied to Extremist Movement”
The Bangor Daily News: “Gov. LePage lies about Sovereign Citizen meetings, threatens to sue”
The Daily Beast: “At the first meeting, LePage and members of the group discussed a range of topics, including a joint United Nations-Rockefeller plot to take over Maine’s North Woods. Most disturbing was the group’s push to have two top Democrats in the legislature, the House speaker and Senate president, arrested for ‘high treason.’”
The Bangor Daily News: “In a set of phone calls to the Bangor Daily News yesterday evening, Governor Paul LePage made a number of provably false claims about his series of meetings with members of the Constitutional Coalition, a Sovereign Citizen group whose members are part of ‘a domestic terrorism movement,’ according to the FBI and Maine State law enforcement.”
Here’s a sample of the coverage of LePage’s view that Social Security is “welfare”:
MSNBC: “Maine’s LePage blasts Social Security as ‘welfare’”
WCSH News: “Social Security comment by Governor lives on in campaign”
The Portland Press Herald: “LePage includes Social Security among ‘welfare’ programs”
WMTV News: “LePage administration seeks to clarify Social Security, welfare comparison”
The Portland Press Herald: “LePage uses phone campaign to address controversy over Social Security and welfare”
The Portland Press Herald: “On Wednesday, in a media release written as an alternative take on new personal-income data from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis, he lumped Social Security and Medicare into that definition.”
The Portland Press Herald: “Gov. Paul LePage launched a phone campaign this week seeking to control damage caused by his recent statement that categorized Social Security as welfare […]”