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Radical Conservative Pete Snyder Joins VA GOP Race, Ensuring Republican Nominee Will Be Out Of Touch With Virginians

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The VA GOP nomination fight has devolved into utter chaos – with party insiders having fiery arguments every weekend over the nomination method, far-right extremist Amanda Chase threatening a third party run, and an ever-growing candidate pool. Amanda Chase acolyte Pete Snyder’s entrance to the race yesterday will only add to the mayhem.

Snyder is an out-of-touch, right wing political hack who is known for saying things like “in some cases it’s actually better to be uninsured than to be on Medicaid.” Snyder, like the other Republican candidates in the race, also vehemently opposes common-sense policies like the Affordable Care Act and gun violence prevention, and favors taking money away from public schools.

The endless flow of new candidates like Snyder reflects the chaos that has defined the GOP primary and how weak the existing candidate pool is. Former House Speaker Kirk Cox thought he was going to have a clear path to the GOP nomination – but history has shown the more candidates that enter the race, the more powerful extremist candidates like Chase and Snyder become in a convention.

Snyder and Chase are already outspending and outraising their opponents. Snyder purchased airtime on Fox News on day one of his campaign, and so far, Chase has posted bigger fundraising numbers than the other candidates. Chase raised $468,030 in the second half of 2020, outraising Cox.

“Pete Snyder’s announcement ensures that the VA GOP nomination fight will be an all-out brawl to prove who is the Trumpiest Republican,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “This vicious primary will leave the VA GOP fractured heading into the general election. Whoever emerges will be completely out-of-touch with the Commonwealth and forced to reckon with a dissatisfied base.  The one thing we know is that extremist politics will be on the ballot next November.”