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R-G-A Spells Hypocrisy: Committee’s First Ad Backfires in MO-Gov

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R-G-A Spells Hypocrisy: Committee’s First Ad Backfires in MO-Gov 

RGA ad hits Koster on state employee pay raises

The problem? Greitens wants to raise wages too

The hypocrisy runs thick in the first ad run by a national Republican group in Missouri’s gubernatorial race.

Last week, the Republican Governors Association launched an attack ad targeting Democratic candidate Chris Koster over approving pay raises for his employees while running his office under budget by nearly $40 million during his time as attorney general.

The problem?

Eric Greitens came out in favor of raising the wages of state employees. As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Friday, “Eric Greitens agreed that boosting wages is a priority.” 

Greitens’ support for “competitive” pay for public servants came one week after a state report found that Missouri has the lowest base pay for public employees, with wages falling more than 10-percent behind what is considered competitive in the job market.

During his time as attorney general, Chis Koster was able to boost salaries for entry-level attorneys while consistently running his office under budget, amounting to a savings of nearly $40 million for Missouri taxpayers.

“It’s no surprise to see the RGA run a hypocritical ad for their hypocritical candidate in Missouri,” said DGA spokesman Austin Hicks. “Eric Greitens has proven he has no problem telling voters one thing and doing another. Like when he promised to restore ethics in state government, only to turn around and accept the largest donation in state history from secretive, undisclosed donors. This kind of double speak won’t play well in the Show-Me-State, and the RGA’s ad only highlights Greitens’ hypocrisy.”

 Less than one week into Missouri’s general election, hypocrisy and ethics have been a recurring theme for the Greitens campaign. Greitens claims to want to root out corruption in state government, yet his record reflects some of the worst parts of Jefferson City: 

  • Greitens has refused to return $1 million from a Silicon Valley billionaire who allegedly abused a victim of human trafficking;