Questions Republicans Must Answer on Mastriano’s Confederate Uniform Photo

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New evidence of Doug Mastriano’s close ties to extremism seem to come out every week. Over the weekend, Reuters unearthed a photo of Mastriano wearing a Confederate uniform in a faculty photo from Army War College. The school recently removed the photo from a wall of faculty portraits. And today, a video surfaced where Mastriano approached armed men sporting Confederate flags and thanked them for “being vigilant” in protecting a statue of Robert E. Lee.

Even neighboring GOP Gov. Larry Hogan called the photo “problematic.” With examples of Mastriano’s extremist ties growing, Republicans must answer essential questions on whether they support Mastriano and stand by his radical connections:

  • Will they condemn Mastriano’s decision to wear a Confederate uniform?
  • Do they believe the photo or video to be disqualifying?
  • Will they campaign with Mastriano after the photo and video have been released?
  • Do they agree with the decision by the Army War College to remove the photo?
  • What message do these incidents by Mastriano send to Black voters? Why should Black voters support Mastriano after these incidents?

“It’s another week so we get more news about Doug Mastriano’s ties to extremism,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “As Mastriano’s toxic positions continue to come to light, Republicans supporting Mastriano must answer whether they stand with his close connections to dangerous, extreme positions and individuals.”