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Quad-City Times: ‘Rauner for Change’ Is No More

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Newspaper endorsed Rauner in 2014; now says he can’t bring about ‘changes that Illinois needs’

What a difference a few years makes.
In 2014, the Quad-City Times endorsed Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner believing he was the shake-up Springfield needed. Their endorsement was titled “Rauner for Change”.
Yesterday however, the same paper took a very different tone. The editorial board slammed Rauner for his inability to govern and build consensus, saying he, “has yet to prove that he can bring about the necessary changes that Illinois needs.”
Exasperated with the constant finger pointing and political games, the board called him out for his lack of leadership:
“It’s become increasingly clear that Rauner’s only interest is in winning political battles. Through his rhetoric, he’s all but admitted defeat on the policy end. Consensus isn’t built through rhetorical bomb throwing. Now, it’s about pointing fingers for the historic levels of failure.”

“Rauner’s not out there building consensus. He’s not engaging in constructive dialogue. He’s campaigning, plain and simple. And that’s true whether it’s dark money or Illinois’ taxpayers footing the bill.”

“But throughout his more than two years in office, Rauner has yet to prove that he can bring about the necessary changes that Illinois needs. Political ineptitude might be his greatest failing. Maybe he should spend more time on policy and less on bankrolling Republican propaganda posing as a newspaper.
Read the full editorial below:
Editorial: Rauner flies white flag in Q-C
Everyone in Rock Island County will have seen Bruce Rauner’s white flag by now.
Illinois’ Republican governor is making full use of the General Assembly’s spring break. Twice in the past week, Rauner has traveled to the Quad-Cities, signaled defeat on policy and launched a frontal assault on political opponents with an eye toward November 2018.
On paper, the two gubernatorial visits were fundamentally different. But in each instance, Rauner’s rhetoric made sealing an already-illusive budget deal in Illinois just a little less likely.
Last week’s appearance in Rock Island was a campaign stop, funded by his war chest and political supporters. Monday’s speech was an official visit to Moline, thanks to an invite from Quad-Cities Chamber of Commerce.
But the dissimilarities between the two visits end there.
In each, he blasted General Assembly Democrats at large.
“It’s a culture shock for the General Assembly,” he said, when speaking about his reticence to increase income taxes without sweeping changes to state operations. …
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