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Put Michigan First Launches New Ad Featuring Former President Barack Obama Touting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

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Today, Put Michigan First is launching a new ad that will run on tv, digital, and radio featuring former President Barack Obama highlighting how Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is “Michigan tough” and has fought to move Michigan forward.

In the ad, former President Obama outlines Gov. Whitmer’s strong track record of expanding access to education and boosting Michigan’s economy.

See below for the full transcripts of the thirty-second ad: 


Former President Barack Obama: Gretchen Whitmer is Michigan tough. She doesn’t back down, and she gets the job done.

Over the last four years, Gov. Whitmer has moved Michigan forward. She’s fought for tuition-free education and job skills training, paved the way for the first new car plan in Detroit in decades, and is leading on next-generation battery and microchip manufacturing.

Gov. Whitmer is creating opportunities for all Michiganders to get ahead. We can’t let up. The stakes are too high. 

Gov. Whitmer, keep moving Michigan forward.