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Pro-Taylor Group Comes Out Swinging Against DeWine As Ohio Primary Gets Nasty

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Onward Ohio, a pro-Mary Taylor Super PAC, launched a new attack ad this morning, and boy, Mike DeWine can’t be happy.
The primary has become a race to the right, and focused on who has given Donald Trump their unyielding loyalty. The ad takes DeWine’s ever-shifting policy positions to task, highlighting how much he’s changed in order to win the support of the President.
“The Ohio GOP gubernatorial primary is going to be an ugly one,” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “This is just the beginning. As Mary Taylor and Mike DeWine get more desperate to prove who would be the best Trump lackey, the ads are only going to get more negative, badly hurting whoever comes out of the primary. Ohioans deserve a governor who will put them first, not candidates who fight over who’s more of a Trump sycophant.”