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Polls Show Kemp’s Abortion Ban is Deeply Unpopular Among Georgians

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Multiple polls indicate that the majority of Georgians want abortion to remain legal in Georgia and are against Brian Kemp’s radical agenda to rip away reproductive rights.

As Brian Kemp’s extreme abortion ban goes into effect, a new Atlanta Journal Constitution poll found that almost 55% of voters disagree with the law, which prohibits abortion before most women know they’re pregnant.

Another poll from 11Alive showed a majority of Georgians believe abortion should remain legal.

Despite what the majority of Georgians want, Brian Kemp is blazing ahead with his anti-choice agenda — stating that he would go even further and “supports banning abortion”  with no exceptions for rape and incest.

“Brian Kemp’s radical stance on abortion is extremely unpopular with Georgians and part of the reason he’s the most vulnerable incumbent governor in the country,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Georgians want to keep their reproductive rights and Kemp’s focus on dismantling them is not only dangerous but also a huge vulnerability.”