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Polling Reveals Richard Irvin’s Campaign in Complete Collapse

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Richard Irvin, Ken Griffin’s $50 million candidate, has woken up to find his campaign in free fall with just under three weeks until the primary election. A game-changing poll by the Chicago Sun-Times and WBEZ shows State Senator Darren Bailey with a stunning 15-point lead over mega billionaire-backed Irvin.

This comes just as Irvin’s campaign pulls down ad coverage from the entire downstate media market where he has floundered to find a message that resonates with voters. Irvin even admitted he can’t be himself downstate. But ultra-conservative Bailey isn’t just leading downstate, he’s also pulled in Irvin’s own backyard, outpacing Irvin in the Chicago suburbs.

It’s no wonder his numbers are plummeting. Voters can see right through his constant flip-flopping and fence-sitting. With months and $50 million to take a stand on pertinent issues and claim ownership of his record, Irvin has done everything but.

Even with Griffin’s war chest, it seems Irvin has taken this race and Illinois voters for granted. The Irvin campaign is grasping at straws to reinvent a disingenuous candidate in the last leg of this race, but with early voting already underway, their failing strategy is likely unrectifiable.


After months of dodging reporters and the public, the Irvin campaign is paying the price,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “The only candidate for governor prepared to represent all Illinoisans is JB Pritzker.”