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Poll: Fallin 43 Points Underwater with REPUBLICANS

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Fallin’s Failures Threaten Republican Chances in Governor’s Race

A Magellan Strategies poll out yesterday in Oklahoma shows that even Republicans are fed up with Gov. Mary Fallin’s disastrous tenure. Just 20% of likely Republican primary voters approve of the job the governor is doing, while 63% disapprove. It’s the latest sign that Fallin will be a serious drag on Republicans looking to replace her.
The poll was taken after the Fallin-made education budget crisis and ensuing teacher strike. Respondents unsurprisingly named the budget crisis and education as the two most important issues in the race, and also support schools getting additional support. Every Republican candidate running for governor has either endorsed the Fallin education plan or proposed even less funding for Oklahoma schools than she has.
The governor famously polled lower than Kevin Durant last year, but today’s results could be a new low for her.
“This poll proves Oklahomans across the political spectrum want real change from the failed Fallin administration,” said DGA Deputy Press Secretary Alex Japko. “Republicans running for governor have just promised more of the same agenda that got the state into such a big mess. Oklahomans deserve a governor who will move on from the Fallin era once and for all.