Politico Highlights Dynamic Coalition of Democratic Governors Elected in 2022: “They might be the future of the party”

From the Chair’s Desk

New reporting from Politico is spotlighting the dynamic coalition of Democratic governors elected in the midterm elections and their role as the future of the Democratic Party.

READ from Politico: Democrats elected a big class of young governors. They might be the future of the party.

Politico writes that Democratic governors’ “commanding victories against Republican candidates…coupled with dynamic on-the-stump presences and compelling life stories…has Democrats buzzing about their futures.”

The article continues: “The party last month successfully defended all but one of its incumbents and flipped three open seats, introducing or elevating a new group of chief executives onto the national stage. This midterm class of Democrats is young and diverse, and some of its members are likely to be the next leaders of the party.”

Politico also highlighted the historic diversity in Democratic governors elected in November, saying, “The wave of new faces is also diverse and includes the country’s first lesbian governors — [Tina] Kotek and [Maura] Healey — and the third elected Black governor in American history in [Wes] Moore.”

Read key quotes from Democratic governor in Politico: 

  • Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: “We are increasingly diverse, increasingly representative of the great diversity of this country…It is a very deep bench now of leaders who are executives who have to solve problems and have to work with anybody … And I think that those are skills and expertise that should inform a lot of the work that Democrats do across the country.”
  • Gov.-Elect Tina Kotek: “Is it the next generation of national leaders? Absolutely. We see governors who run for president, we see governors who run federal departments, we see governors who are the thought leaders for the next generation. So this is going to pay dividends over the next two decades.”
  • Gov.-Elect Josh Shapiro: “We showed up, we treated people with respect, and went to places that most Democrats ignore.”
  • Gov.-Elect Wes Moore:  “We were the campaign that was uniquely speaking to the issues that particularly young voters were talking about, and cared about, and were moving with a sense of urgency…I’m honored by the fact that there are many demographics in the state that my election means something special to them. And by the way, that happens to be some of the backbone of the Democratic Party.”