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POLITICO: Gianforte’s Failure on Property Tax Crisis a Costly “Curveball” for Montana Families

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POLITICO: Gianforte’s Failure on Property Tax Crisis a Costly “Curveball” for Montana Families

A new report from POLITICO underscores how Montanans across the political spectrum are fed up with Gov. Greg Gianforte’s failure to address what has been described as the state’s “highest tax increase in history.

In 2023 alone, property tax bills in some Montana counties surged by a staggering 46 percent, placing a significant financial burden on hardworking families across the state. Meanwhile,  even as he has failed to provide an adequate solution to help Montana families hit hardest by this crisis, Gov. Gianforte has seen his personal property tax bill decrease.

Despite calls from Republicans and Democrats alike to take action on this issue, Gianforte has instead focused on ensuring that the state’s ultra-wealthy receive tax cuts, including signing legislation that slashed the tax rate for himself and the highest earners in Montana.
Montana State University Billings political science professor Paul James Pope called Gianforte’s inaction “a curveball for a lot of people; Montanans fully expected some kind of assistance.”

“As hardworking homeowners across Montana see their property taxes soar, Governor Gianforte has refused to take decisive action to address this crisis,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “As Montanans plead for relief from skyrocketing costs, Gianforte is taking a tax cut showing voters across the political spectrum that he’s only looking out for himself.”