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Plummeting Presidential Popularity Portends Problems for Pearce

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As Trump’s Approval Hits New Lows in New Mexico, Pearce Still Votes In Lockstep With Him

A new poll out today signals major problems for Steve Pearce’s gubernatorial campaign. Gallup found the President’s approval to be dramatically underwater in the state. Nearly 60% of New Mexico voters disapprove of the job he’s doing while only 35% approve (even lower than the 52% disapproval and 43% approval he had in the state in October of 2017). Yet Pearce has continued to vote in lockstep with the extreme Trump agenda: on nearly 9 out of 10 votes he’s cast in the House of Representatives, Pearce sided with President Trump.

And toxic Trump isn’t the only one causing problems for Pearce’s gubernatorial election odds. Governor Martinez’ approval rating in the state is also trending downward and dramatically underwater. An October poll had 52% of New Mexicans disapproving of her performance and only 37% approving. 

“With Trump and Martinez’ approval ratings in a free fall in New Mexico, Steve Pearce’s gubernatorial campaign is in major trouble,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “New Mexico voters want a governor who will stand up to the President and protect the interests of the state’s families and businesses, not a partisan extremist who sides with President Trump on 9 out of 10 votes.”