Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board Says Entire Field of Republican Candidates Is Too Extreme to Endorse Even In a GOP Primary

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Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board — which has endorsed Republicans in past elections — took the extraordinary step of announcing that the entire Republican field for governor is too extreme to endorse in a GOP primary, writing:

“With abortion rights at stake and right-leaning candidates who can’t agree on who won the 2020 election, The Inquirer Editorial Board has chosen not to endorse a Republican for senate or governor.”

The Editorial Board continued: “This board has endorsed Roe from the day it was decided in 1973. None of the Republican candidates for governor supports abortion rights and all of them say they would implement statewide restrictions … Given the Supreme Court’s apparent plans, the members of the board asked each other if we could bring ourselves to support a candidate who, if given the opportunity, was all but certain to use their pen as governor to ban abortion once the protections of Roe are no longer in place. We could not.”

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