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Phil Scott Has Lost All Credibility With Vermont Republicans, Gains A Primary Challenger

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Yesterday, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott gained a primary challenger, John Klar, who said Scott “cannot be trusted to keep his word” and is “more than a lame duck.”
Last month, Klar said Scott was a “sheep in wolf’s clothing.”
Scott has been feuding with the state’s GOP chairwoman and suggested the state party needs new leadership.
Scott also faced a primary challenger in 2018 who said he has been a “huge disappointment” and that he is “no Republican.” The results in that primary “put a chink in what seemed like…impenetrable armor.”
And with Trump sharing a ballot with Scott in 2020, Scott’s problems with his own party are only going to get worse.
“Phil Scott has lost all credibility with Vermonters,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Phil Scott’s failed record made him ripe for this primary challenge. We don’t know how nasty this primary will get but we do know it will expose the Vermont GOP’s lingering divisions.”