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Phil Scott Abandons Working Families Again

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Yesterday, Gov. Phil Scott vetoed a minimum wage increase again for the second time while in office. The legislation would have raised the state’s minimum wage from $10.96 to $12.55 per hour over the next two years, giving the thousands of Vermonters in a minimum wage job a much-deserved raise. But Phil Scott said no.
Right now, Vermont’s minimum wage falls well below the state-defined livable wage of $13.34 per hour, making it nearly impossible for full-time employees earning the minimum wage to make ends meet. But, instead of lifting up Vermont’s workers, Phil Scott vetoed the raise, leaving struggling Vermonters behind. 
“No matter how hard they work, Vermonters across the state are struggling to make ends meet,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Vermonters need and deserve a raise and Phil Scott should be ashamed of himself for standing in the way. Vermont cannot thrive if Vermonters cannot afford to live there.”