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Pence to Hoosiers: You Are #2 in My Heart

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Pence to Hoosiers: You Are #2 in My Heart

Today, Governor Mike Pence sent a clear message to Hoosiers: You’ll always be #2 in my heart.

For more than five years, Pence has not-so-secretly angled for a slot on a national presidential ticket. Last year, as speculation swirled about Pence’s 2016 presidential prospects, he teased the idea of running for the White House, waiting until May of 2015 to ultimately decide against it.

But now, after reports surfaced of Pence being vetted as a vice presidential nominee, Pence is set to scurry off this weekend to a meeting with Donald Trump. 

“Why would Hoosiers re-elect a governor who doesn’t even want the job?” said Jared Leopold, communications director at the Democratic Governors Association. “Mike Pence showed today that he’ll gladly cast Hoosiers aside to trade up for a new model. Hoosiers are already paying the price for Governor Pence’s national ambitions: a sagging economy, big employers leaving, and an obsession with a job-killing social agenda. Governor Pence should come clean with Hoosiers and admit that he’s just using them as a stepping stone for his national political advancement.”

Pence is scheduled to face-voters in a toss-up re-election campaign this November. Just six weeks ago, he told local news that he was not interested in being Vice President and that he was “going to stay focused on the future of the people of Indiana.”