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Pence Heads to New Hampshire To Visit Trump Sellout Chris Sununu

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DGA Communications Director David Turner released the following statement regarding Mike Pence’s visit to New Hampshire: 
“As Mike Pence visits New Hampshire, Granite Staters won’t forget Chris Sununu’s loyalty to Mike Pence and Donald Trump comes at their expense. Sununu stood by Trump even after he insulted New Hampshire by calling the state a ‘drug-infested den.’ Sununu even supported Trump’s plan to rip away health care from hardworking Granite Staters, which would have taken away one of the most effective tools to combat substance abuse. The people of New Hampshire deserve a governor who fights for them—not a Trump sellout like Chris Sununu. 
During Pence’s visit, we look forward to hearing Chris Sununu explain to Granite Staters why he championed Trump and Pence’s health care plan that jeopardizes their treatment and recovery services.”  
Chris Sununu said he was “very excited” about the Graham-Cassidy bill. According to a recording of Sununu with the Seacoast Online Editorial Board, Sununu said, “A new plan is going to be announced very soon and I’m very excited about that…The governors have been working on a plan and we’re looking at it right now. I don’t know if I’m letting the cat out of the bag, but who cares? I’ve been working with a variety of different governors, senators…Lindsay Graham, Cassidy, a few others. The governors are proposing…we were asked for our ideas very early in the process. Only a few of them were taken as part of BCRA and the other Senate proposals. Today the Senate is going to put forth a proposal that really takes into account a lot of the things governors are looking for.” [Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/10/17YouTube, 9/18/17]
Graham-Cassidy would cause 112,000 Granite Staters to lose health insurance coverage. [Center for American Progress, 9/20/17]
Medicaid: States’ Most Powerful Tool to Combat the Opioid Crisis. According to the issue brief, “States are grappling day to day with the vast and deadly public health crisis. Medicaid is the most powerful vehicle available to states to fund coverage of prevention and treatment for their residents at risk for or actively battling opioid addiction. Through federal flexibility, states can create strategies that meet their specific needs, designed to augment other efforts underway. The greatest opportunity to address this crisis is in those states that have elected to expand Medicaid, given the greater reach of the program, additional tools available, and the increased availability of federal funds.” [State Health Reform Assistance Network, July 2016]