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Paul LePage: Maine’s “Nasty Uncle”

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Paul LePage

Paul LePage: Maine’s “Nasty Uncle”

“A New Low,” “Childish,” “Embarrassing,” “Shocking,” “Indefensible,” “Mean-Spirited,” “Crude,” “Damaging,” “Insults The People Of His State,” “Nasty,” “Outrageous”

Paul LePage had a miserable week. First, he issued a gag order for three of the state’s major newspapers because they were critical of his administration, which drew national attention. Then, he attacked one of the state Senate’s leaders in bizarre and offensive terms. As expected, from the state’s former Republican senator to Maine’s editorial boards, the condemnation of LePage has been widespread. Fortunately for the people of Maine, voters will remove him from office in 2014.
Watch LePage’s original comments HERE.
Here’s a sample of the reaction to LePage’s conduct:
Bangor Daily News“Gov. Paul LePage’s latest verbal eruption — Thursday’s indefensible and mean-spirited “Vaseline” comments about Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Troy Jackson — drew more national attention to his crude behavior. In addition to further damaging Maine’s image at a time when visitors are flocking to the state, the governor’s embarrassing outburst creates a distraction from the harm his policies are doing to Maine people.”
Former Republican Senator Olympia Snowe“Gov. LePage’s comments [Thursday] were regrettable and inappropriate. It is my understanding the governor has now rightly apologized for his language, and I believe that was in everyone’s best interests so that, in the final hours of this legislative session, the governor and the Legislature can get back to working toward policies which, as the governor has put it, would allow ‘Maine people to become more prosperous.’”
Portland Press Herald“It’s almost not news anymore when Gov. LePage insults the people of his state and embarrasses them before the rest of the nation. But remarks he made after a tea party rally Thursday were a new low… And if Maine politics has gotten rough lately, no one is more responsible than the governor, whose loose tongue and power plays have changed the way things get done in Augusta… LePage may not be talking to this newspaper these days, but he should be talking to the people of Maine, and when he does he should give them the apology they deserve.”
Biddeford Journal Tribune“Childish. Embarrassing. Shocking. Those are the words that come to mind when one thinks of the recent behavior of Gov. Paul LePage. Regardless of whether someone is a supporter of his policies or not, it’s impossible to condone his behavior, especially of late. It’s gotten so bad that Maine is making national headlines – not for our economic development or accomplishments of any sort, but because of our governor’s continued offensive comments.”
Lewiston Sun Journal“He says things that sound suspiciously untrue, many of which later turn out to be just that. He is, they say, like a bull in a china closet, throwing his weight around, trying to intimidate and provoke… Gov. Paul LePage seems determined to be Maine’s nasty uncle… The governor, of course, has been rude and crude before, and he will likely be so again. His comments will likely get national publicity, stir up more contempt and further divide people who are working toward a common purpose. And when he’s done, the governor will be the only person smiling.”
Bangor Daily News“The LePage administration’s ban on participating in news articles published by the company that owns the Morning Sentinel, Kennebec Journal and Portland Press Herald only validates the work of those papers… The administration didn’t try to correct any of the published reports, preferring instead to punish the papers by making it more difficult to get the administration’s side of the story. It will make reporting more difficult, but it won’t stop reporters from finding and writing news about the administration… LePage’s actions could strengthen in the long term those he seeks to undermine now.”