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Party of One: Jeff Landry Hosts “GOP Unity Rally,” Invites Zero Other LA-GOV Candidates

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Party of One: Jeff Landry Hosts “GOP Unity Rally,” Invites Zero Other LA-GOV Candidates

Today, after months of skipping public events and refusing to be seen with any other candidates, Jeff Landry will be hosting a “GOP Unity Rally” without any of the other GOP candidates in Louisiana’s governor’s race.

This event comes as Republicans in the race are ramping up their attacks on one another — and calling out Landry in particular for his record of “corruption and failure.” It seems unlikely that a “Unity Rally” that excludes nearly every Republican running for governor will do much to unify this crowded and contentious field, especially after more than $11 million has been spent or reserved by Republicans to sow disunity in this race.

Here’s what you’re not going to hear about at Jeff Landry’s “Unity Rally:”

Ruthless Attacks from Fellow Republicans

Landry has been drawing attacks from other Republicans in the race for months now, facing accusations about his failure to keep Louisiana’s crime rate down and his track record as a political insider, as well as his numerous campaignfinance violations. Landry has also taken heat for ducking events and refusing to share a stage with his opponents, with other candidates calling him out for being a “no-show.” This event surely won’t help him beat those criticisms.

Landry’s Inability to Clear a Crowded Field

While Landry may be able to clear the stage at his rally, he has been unable to clear the field of other Republican contenders — despite being the first candidate to announce his candidacy for governor nearly a year ago. The crowded primary has Republican leaders in crisis over the prospect of a repeat of the “mistakes of the 2015 and 2019 governor’s races, where Republican infighting ultimately squandered [GOP] opportunities to win the Governor’s Mansion.”

“Barely weeks away from the primary election, Louisiana Republicans are eating each other alive,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz.“While ‘No-Show’ Jeff Landry hosts a ‘unity’ rally without lifting a finger to unify his party, after months of disunity, snubbing other Republicans at his event will only lead to more bad blood and sharper attacks from the rest of the field.”