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Parson’s Early $1.5 Million Spend Fails At Preventing Primary Challengers

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New Republican Opponent Comes During Local and National Criticism over Parson’s Failed Leadership on COVID19

Gov. Mike Parson had almost made it into the clear – he was this close. But then, yesterday, on the last day of filing and after Parson’s allies spent $1.5 million trying to prop him up, Parson still ended up with a primary challenger. 
Maybe it was the months of rumors of a primary challenge or Parson’s failed leadership during the worst crisis to hit Missouri that pushed Saundra McDowell to jump into the race. Parson now faces a sitting Republican legislator as well as an Air Force veteran and former statewide candidate who received more than one million votes just two years ago. 
One thing, however, is clear – Parson’s record of putting Jefferson City insiders ahead of Missouri’s families and his complete lack of leadership during the coronavirus pandemic has made Parson vulnerable. And yesterday’s news tells us that even Republicans in Missouri see him as weak.
“Since taking office, Parson has failed to fight for Missouri families, instead, putting his own special interest buddies first,” said Christina Amestoy, DGA Deputy Communications Director. “Now, during one of the worst crises to hit Missouri, Parson is still failing to lead. Even after Parson’s allies spent $1.5 million propping him up, he was unable to avoid a primary, and his dismal record and failed leadership will be on display in August and November.”