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Parson’s Dangerous Leadership Failure on COVID 19 Crisis Draws Criticism From Trump, Republican Think Tanks

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While states across the country continue to take unprecedented action to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson let his state fall dangerously behind. Now, Parson’s failure to lead is earning him the criticism of President Trump and Republican think tanks.
A report by the conservative American Enterprise Institute ranked Missouri as just one of four states that have done “no statewide action or little public guidance.” Those same states were called out in a White House press briefing today, with President Trump declaring that the White House had been “very tough” on states like Missouri that had failed to implement federal guidelines. 
Even after the state confirmed its first case, Parson continued to downplay the threat. Last week, Parson pointed to his weekly call with elected officials across the state as proof of adequate information sharing with the public, despite the situation evolving every hour. He dismissed the need for a state ban on large gatherings, saying it was the individual’s responsibility to deem what events were safe, even after the head of the infectious disease division at NIH strongly recommended against large crowds. He didn’t take action until days later. 
Parson’s hands-off approach as the crisis was growing across the country was summed up when he declared, “It’s not going to come down to government to be able to fix this, it’s just gonna come to… It’s a virus, it’s a virus like anything else.”
“Parson has been lagging when he should be leading, and even President Trump is fed up,” said Christina Amestoy, DGA Deputy Communications Director. “In a crisis like this, Missourians need clear communication based on facts, not silence. Parson needs to take a lesson from governors of both parties and step up to the plate. Missouri cannot risk the consequences of his failure.”