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#PAGov Press Advisory: Disgraced Rudy Giuliani Campaigning for Doug Mastriano Tomorrow

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WHAT: As “the Trumpification of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party” continues to reach new heights and the GOP’s nasty primary for governor heats up, far-right insurrectionist Doug Mastriano is holding a campaign event with disgraced and corrupt former attorney for Donald Trump who was just raided by the FBI, Rudy Giuliani.

TOPICS: The key topic will be undying loyalty to Trump and his false claims about the 2020 election that led to the deadly insurrection on January 6th – including how Mastriano paid thousands to bus people to the U.S. Capitol.

WHO: In addition to Mastriano and Giuliani, guests can expect to hear from Jenna Ellis — the disgraced attorney who also pushed false claims about the 2020 election and helped lead the Trump legal team’s numerous failed attempts to use conspiracy theories to overturn the will of Pennsylvania voters.

*Please note the FBI may be making a special appearance if they haven’t gotten all the evidence they want from Giuliani. 

RSVP: For more information, please refer to this extremely bizarre graphic featuring the Confederate flag from Giuliani about the event – or reach out to the other far-right extremists in the crowded field of likely GOP gubernatorial candidates – including Joe Gale and Lou Barletta – to find out what toxic “super MAGA” surrogates they plan to recruit for this race to the far-right.