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PA-GOV Race to the Right: It’s “Dollar General Donald Trump” Scott Wagner vs. “Even Wackier” Paul Mango

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Pennsylvania’s Republican primary has devolved into contest of B-team candidates hellbent on out-crazying each other. State Sen. Scott Wagner has physically attacked trackers, attributed climate change to “warm bodies,” and launched into an anti-Semitic tirade. But as York Daily Record columnist Mike Argento writes, his top opponent Paul Mango might be “even wackier”:

I’m beginning to become concerned about Paul Mango. 
…Mango is running as the super conservative candidate, challenging Scott Wagner, the York County garbage magnate who fashions himself as a Dollar General Donald Trump
…Mango seems obsessed with bathrooms. And who gets to use them. It’s kind of, well, unsettling that a person seeking to govern the great state of Pennsylvania seems to be obsessed with something so incredibly stupid. But hey, welcome to the 21st century. (I guess.) 

Mango has also come under fire for doing an interview with a cult leader and discussing anti-LGBT conspiracy theories. It’s clear that whoever comes out of this primary will be far too extreme for Pennsylvania.
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