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Overridden: Dems Block Scott’s Attempt to Deny Vermonters A Raise

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Vermont Democrats scored a historic victory for working families today as the House voted to override Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of a minimum wage increase. The bill, which raises the minimum wage to $12.55 by 2022, will likely result in higher wages for 40,000 Vermonters, but out-of-touch Phil Scott has made it clear he only wants one Vermonter to make more money – himself.
While he tried (and failed) to deny a pay raise to hard-working Vermont residents for the second time, Scott gave himself a raise, bringing his total compensation to over $220,000. Phil Scott loves to say no to working class families – just last month he wielded his veto power to deny workers 12 weeks of paid family leave. All this while cost of living remains a big concern among voters in Vermont, especially young professionals who are deciding where to settle down.
“The only Vermont worker Gov. Phil Scott cares about is himself,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “While hard-working families in Vermont struggle to pay the bills, Phil Scott vetoed a wage increase for his constituents and used taxpayer dollars to add more money to his own paycheck. Thanks to Vermont Democrats, Vermonters will be getting the raise they deserve. Voters will remember this and veto Phil Scott in November.”