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Out-of-Touch GOP Candidate for Rhode Island Governor Jumps Into Race Without a Plan to Govern

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After filing to run a month ago, GOP candidate Ashley Kalus officially jumped into the race for Rhode Island governor this week. However, she failed to present any real plan for how she’ll govern or why she’s running at all.

Kalus describes herself as a “political outsider,” but she has plenty of experience playing politics in other states. She worked on the campaign and in the office of former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, who notoriously tanked Illinois’ budget, public programs, and state finances.

In fact, Kalus only moved to Rhode Island last year and is still listed as having an active voter registration in Florida, with no party affiliation.

The only thing that’s clear is she wants to bring the most extreme GOP agenda to Rhode Island. When asked which Republican she admires most, she answered Gov. Ron DeSantis. And she refused to answer whether she thinks Donald Trump should run for president again.

Meanwhile, Gov. McKee just announced a plan to make Rhode Island a leader in renewable energy and save consumers money in the long run.

“Since taking office, Gov. McKee has been a champion of getting real results for Rhode Island on the issues that matter,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Rhode Islanders will easily see through Ashley Kalus, who isn’t a true Rhode Islander and has no clear plan to address the kitchen-table issues impacting working families.”