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Ouch: Steve Pearce Even Too Toxic For Susana Martinez

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Gov. Martinez Declines to Support Lone Republican Running to Replace Her

Looks like Steve Pearce won’t be invited to any of Governor Martinez’s legendary pizza parties any time soon. When asked at a press conference yesterday whether she will be voting for the only Republican running to replace her as New Mexico’s Governor, Martinez declined to answer. Ouch.
While being refused an endorsement by an official whose net approval rating stands at an abysmal negative 24 has got to sting, Rep. Pearce must be used to this sort of rejection by now. In fact, failing to win the endorsement of those he is running to replace has become something of a pattern for Pearce. When he ran for retiring Rep. Joe Skeen’s seat in 2002, Skeen endorsed his primary opponent. And when he ran for retiring Sen. Pete Domenici’s seat in 2008, Domenici endorsed his primary opponent, and national Republicans bailed on his campaign because they knew an extremist like Pearce couldn’t win statewide in New Mexico.
“When you’re too toxic for even Susanna Martinez to endorse, you know you’re in bad shape,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Steve Pearce is just too extreme for New Mexico, and even his Republican allies know it.”