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Oregonian Highlights How Tina Kotek “Has Long Sided with…Oregonians in Need,” While Drazan and Johnson’s Record Hurt Working Families

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A new profile from the Oregonian highlights Tina Kotek’s record of getting things done for working Oregonians on the issues that matter most including increasing affordable housing, tackling crime, protecting reproductive rights, and supporting workers.

In contrast, Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan’s failed records have hurt working families. They’re both beholden to corporate interests and the gun lobby and they opposed the common-sense gun safety measures Tina championed to keep Oregonians safe. Instead of working with her fellow legislators, Drazan led a GOP walkout to kill a vote on climate change legislation. Drazan is also proudly pro-life; she and Johnson have both voted against reproductive rights protections.

Tina’s long list of accomplishments include,

  • “Raising Oregon’s minimum wage to nearly $15 in the Portland area…”
  • Helping “pass a 2017 law that banned governments from restricting abortion access and expanded government insurance coverage for the procedure…”
  • Passing “multiple gun safety laws…including a ban on convicted domestic abusers purchasing firearms, expanded background checks and a mandate for gun owners to securely store their weapons.”
  • Taking on rising housing costs: “Kotek sharpened her focus on affordable housing and pushed through a law in 2019 to allow denser development in large and mid-sized cities — something Portland leaders had discussed for years but hadn’t adopted.”

On top of her record of delivering for Oregonians, the report also highlights how Tin  “has long sided with labor unions and Oregonians in need,” and “would be the first governor in at least a generation who has lived a life most conventionally like other Oregonians in economic terms.”

Read the full profile in the Oregonian here.