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ORANGE-GATE: Putnam Pushed Law That Led to $25 Million Payday on Family Groves

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Bombshell POLITICO Report: ‘Putnam created law that later allowed $25M family land deal’

A new bombshell report is threatening to upend Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s campaign for governor in Florida.
Today, new details emerged about the shady land deal between the state of Florida and gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam’s family farm. Politico reported that during his time in the Florida legislature, Putnam was instrumental in pushing through an eminent domain law that led to a $25 million land deal for his family:
As a state lawmaker in 1999, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam sponsored sweeping water legislation that included a provision that would later help facilitate a $25 million land deal between the state and his family-owned citrus company.
Putnam sponsored, negotiated, and shepherded through the specific piece of legislation that was used to justify paying Putnam Groves $25 million for their land:
The exact law created in the Putnam-sponsored bill was cited as justification in July 2005 when the water management district passed a resolution that signed off on the deal that paid Putnam Groves $25 million for land assessed at $19 million.
Earlier reports on the deal revealed that Putnam’s land was curiously overvalued by a private appraiser chosen by the farm. Through a sweetheart deal with the state, the family made millions more than their land was previously thought to be worth. This new report shows that the deal wouldn’t have been possible without the law Putnam ushered through.
The scandal is sure to become a central issue in his bid for governor.
“Adam Putnam used his office to enrich himself at the expense of Florida taxpayers,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “The more we learn about this scandal, the more we see just how corrupt Adam Putnam is. Florida voters deserve a governor who will fight for them, not someone who will game the system for millions.”