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Oops He Did It Again: Fung Fails to Report Campaign Infomercial

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A new report from the AP shows that Cranston Mayor Allan Fung failed to disclose an infomercial that promoted his campaign on local radio. This comes just weeks after Fung was the subject of multiple investigations for failing to pay rent on his campaign headquarters.
Fung appeared on an hour-long radio show hosted by a lobbyist that opens with a disclaimer that says it is not news and is paid programming.
The AP reported “the appearance comes as Fung, a supporter of President Donald Trump in a state where Trump is deeply unpopular, has been turning down requests from several statewide media outlets for interviews and debates ahead of his Sept. 12 primary against state Rep. Patricia Morgan…. John Marion, of Common Cause, said the appearance had all the hallmarks of an infomercial and should have been reported under the state’s campaign finance laws if the fair market value of the airtime was more than $100. Two media buyers contacted by the AP said it was likely to exceed that.”
“Free Rent Fung strikes again!” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Just like his political boss, Donald Trump, Allan Fung’s sketchy deals and campaign finance scandals show he’s willing to do and say anything to win an election. Rhode Island needs a principled leader, not a shady opportunist like Fung.”